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Obama Rama!

I need to document these before I lose count! There have been LOTS of Obama t-shirts in the past week or so, and there are even two new categories! At Teacher’s Day Julianne and I saw a BIDEN t-shirt which is super exciting because I have never seen one of those in the states! The VP never gets love! The other new category was a portrait of the first couple at the inaugural ball. I like to think that Beyonce was singing to them while this photo was snapped.
Full disclosure: six of these t-shirts are Julianne’s sightings on her way to Teacher’s Day from Punta Gorda way back on the 12th. But I feel like they count because they all went to Teacher’s Day -which I too attended- and were under their day of t-shirts.

*T-shirts: *25 (!)
Baseball caps: *3
Yard signs: *2
Bumper stickers: 3
*Biden lives!: 1
*Framed Portrait: 1

And because the Teacher’s Day t-shirts are worth sharing:

Inspirational, yet practical.

Inspirational, yet practical.


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pic of the day

see above.

see above.

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Song of the day 6.16

I’ve been a little homesick lately, mostly for my friends, family, classmates, and knowing where everything is. That will all get cured when I go to Goff’s Caye this weekend!

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weekend update

On Friday I left Belize City for Belmopan – the capital city. What for you ask? For Teacher’s Day, that’s what. If I were not an americana, I would probably known what this is. For you other americanos, it’s basically a shin dig to celebrate the work of Belize’s teachers. There is a ceremony with officials in the Ministry of Education giving remarks on the fine work these educators do Monday through Friday.

Better schools, Better citizens, Better Belize, Whatever it takes it's everybody's business.

Better schools, Better citizens, Better Belize, Whatever it takes it's everybody's business.

I got Youth Business Trust a booth at the event so we could do some recruiting of young entrepreneurs or to get invitations to come speak in classrooms about small businses ownership. YBTB’s PeaceCorps volunteer and I manned a booth and chit chatted with various teachers and administration people about the work of YBTB. Some were interested for them selves or for their children with business ideas, others wanted us to come talk to their classes. Despite the fact that neither I or PeaceCorps John had any idea what Teacher’s Day was and just decided would would give it a whirl, I would consider our participation a success.

Teacher's Day booths


Not only did I do some recruitin’ on Friday, I also did some reunitin’. With JB Dunn that is! yay! We decided to celebrate by going to see a movie. Going to see a movie in Belize is a lovely experience. It’s cheap ($10 BZE, which is $5 US), the junk food is too, it’s usually a random movie I would never see in the states, the theater has air con, AND the seats are so comfortable. Put LB to sleep comfortable.

The movie gods rained on our parade a little though. The price jumped from $10 BZE to $15 BZE. This makes them only $7.50 US, but still… you’re mentally prepared to go see a flick for five bones and it’s NOT. It’s disappointing. Secondly the only thing that was playing was Drag Me to Hell. I hate scary movies with a passion. I belive I commented on how stupid the movie looked when I saw the preview. I guess my excuse for seeing it (AND advocating for it) was that I felt invincible after being reunited with my long lost friend. Please enjoy the before and after pics we took in the lobby of the movie theatre/casino/club/bowling alley/resort.





Tonight is family dinner night (LB returned Saturday!) featuring veggie burgers, beef burgers, and PO-tay-toes! Oh, and my boyfriend called me last night to tell me he broke his foot. Yay tommy!


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it’s official

I’m a member of the YBTB team:

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oh! bama

Obama support sightings for the past week or so:

*T-shirts: *10
Baseball caps: 2
Yard signs: 1
Bumper stickers: *3

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Lakes, tigers, gang members, and cadavers.

My facebook friends probably already know that I went to see Alejandro last weekend in Chetumal, Mexico.  This was kind of a big deal to me. Not only because of my undying love of Jano, but I was a Spanish major in college and Saturday was my first time in a Spanish speaking country. (Yes, many Belizeans speak Spanish, but not in Belize City and English is the official language.) I went to the Czech Republic during undergrad and South Korea right after undergrad, but somehow escaped all of the 23 Spanish speaking countries on the planet. I felt a sense of closure or something while crossing the border. Happy girl.

Once we were reunited in Chetumal, we got in a cab to a lake-side destination in nearby Bacalar. On the way there I was thinking, “Lake? Puh-lease. How can I go from the Caribbean to a lake?” From my Southern American upbringing, lake conjures up images of green water, tree limbs winding in and out of the surface, and snakes.  Think Akabutla Lake, Sardis Lake, or Pickwick Lake.

In the cab Jano chatted up the driver who, after finding out I was staying in “Belice” for the summer, told us a tale of working in the hotel in San Pedro that Madonna stayed at for 10 days 18 years ago. He also referred to her as his girlfriend of 10 days. While this story telling was going on, we turned a corner and saw this:

La laguna de Bacalar

La laguna de Bacalar

Well, that’s actually the view from our hotel room, but you get the picture… not what I was expecting.  Speaking of our hotel room, they must have known I was a Memphis Tiger:

Go tigers go!

Go tigers go!

On Sunday we wondered around Bacalar proper a bit, checking out the pirate fort and downtown area. We parted ways with the promise that Jano would come to Belice on the 20th to join me, my fellow Belize Real World cast members, and my boss lady for Goff’s Caye. Reunion part II!

I was bummed out on Monday because YBTB’s appointment with Conscious Youth Development Program was canceled. YBTB was scheduled to do a mediation/assessment with former gang members who now run a farm just west of Belize City. I was totally looking forward to that on my long bus ride back from Chetumal. Drats!

Oh, and about that bus ride home… I saw a wreck, complete with cadaver and mangled bicycle. It was kind of odd because of the number of gawkers and pencil-neckers. Poor fella. Yet another reason Memphis needs to wise up about bike lanes!

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